What is a Doula anyway?

The word doula is an ancient, Greek, word that means woman who serves. And indeed, we do serve! A birth doula will offer you continuous emotional support throughout your labor and birth and afterwards, offer many different physical comfort measures during your labor, offer information during labor and birth, and help you and your partner advocate for yourselves if you are birthing in a hospital.  The postpartum doula will ideally come to your home when you return from your birthplace and send the whole family to bed to sleep, rest, relax, recover, and bond with your new baby. We will feed and hydrate your family, help teaching bathing, breastfeeding, etc., and take over your household for you until you are feeling up to doing it yourself. We are there to mother the mother and future your family!

My Position on Birth

My birth philosophy really changes with each of my clients, because it's really about what the client wants for her birth! So, I suppose my philosophy is really to support the client in whatever their ideal, dream, birth looks like. It should be whatever they want it to be and I am there to emotionally support the parents, provide physical comfort measures for the mama, provide information during the labor and birth, and help the couple to advocate for themselves if need be.







Birth Doula Service

I include 2 prenatal visits, the labor and delivery, an hour or two after the birth, a postpartum

visit once the couple gets home from their birthplace, and am on call from 37-42 weeks pregnant. My clients can also call, text, or email anytime they have a question or need some more information.

Childbirth Education

(12 hours) I can teach group or private childbirth education classes as well as a breastfeeding class, newborn care class, or a class on pain medications for labor.

Lactation Counseling 

I can teach a prenatal class for expecting parents or my clients can contact me after they have had their baby and need some assistance with breastfeeding.

Postpartum Doula Service

I am there once the couple gets home from their birthplace to mother the mother and nurture the family. Ideally, I would send the whole family to bed to rest, relax, bond with their baby, etc., and I would take over caring for them by feeding and hydrating them, helping with breastfeeding, and taking over household tasks until Mama feels up to getting back to this work.

I can offer aromatherapy services to any of my clients and also do consultations for anyone interested in using aromatherapy for their physical/emotional issues. I am also trained in The Raindrop Technique Therapy.


Birth doula fee is $900

Postpartum doula fee is $30 per hour

Lactation counseling fee is $30 per hour

Childbirth Education is $235.00/couple, 12 hour

Breastfeeding Class is $75 for a 2.5 hour class

Newborn Care Class is $75.00 for a 3 hour class

Private classes also available. Please inquire!

Contact Me

Or call my office at (215) 287-4915