Everything You Need for the Childbearing year

Birth Doula

My birth doula care begins in pregnancy, with two comprehensive home visits helping you and your birth partner(s) to feel prepared for birth. My role includes continuous emotional support for you and your partner, physical comfort measures, information support, and helping you advocate for yourself every step of the way.

Postpartum Doula

As a postpartum doula, I am all about mothering you as a new mother and nurturing your family. Ideally I would be at your home once you get home from your birthplace. My role is to help your new family sleep, rest, relax, enjoy, feed and bond with your baby. I will help with food, breastfeeding, household tasks, baby care instruction, and emotional support.

Breastfeeding Help

As a lactation counselor, I help you get a solid healthy start to breastfeeding your baby. I encourage you to begin with my prenatal breastfeeding class while you are pregnant, building a foundation for your first weeks with baby. After birth, I can come to your home to help with any breastfeeding issues that may occur.

Newborn Care Specialist

If you are a bottle feeding family and would like to get some sleep at night, I can come in to your home and provide expert professional care for your newborn at night so you can get some sleep.

Grandparents Baby Care Class

Learn about the care and keeping of babies in 2017 with current information on safety, health, and baby care. Come learn how you can be the best grandparent ever and help avoid conflict with your own child!

Childbirth Education

I teach private childbirth education classes in my home or yours, as well as a newborn care class and breastfeeding class. You can even invite friends or family to create a group class!

Aromatherapy & Herbs

There are many ways to use aromatherapy and herbs during your pregnancy, labor, postpartum period, breastfeeding and for baby.

Belly Binding & Postpartum Sealing

Belly binding and sealing have been used to support pregnant and postpartum parents in nearly all traditional cultures around the world.

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Rates include Birth Doula Care for $1000, Postpartum Doula Care and Lactation Counseling at $35 / hour, and Newborn Care Specialist Support at $30/hour for a singleton and $35/hour for twins. For childbirth education, my one day Private Childbirth Education Course is $240 (8 hours), the Six Evening Private Childbirth Education Course is $360 (12 hours), Breastfeeding Workshop is $75 (2.5 hours), and the Newborn Care Workshop is $90 (3 hours). Prices vary for Aromatherapy and Herbal products. *All classes and workshops can be either private or with a group of friends.

“The secret is not that birth is painful, it is that women are strong!”
– Laura Stavoe Harm

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