Service Highlight-Postpartum Sealing Ceremony

Belly Binding and Postpartum Sealing Ceremony

What the heck is a postpartum sealing ceremony? This is an ancient Malaysian ceremony, also known as The Closing of the Bones. The premise is that when a person is having a baby, their body has to be so open in order to bring the baby out into the world, and then when the birth is over and you are in the postpartum period, your bones needs to be closed up again, or brought back together, or sealed.

I absolutely love being able to offer this service to my clients. The ceremony includes the following, and in this order:

Ceremonial bath, with all of the healing herbs and essential oils to help heal your perineum and to help you relax.

Moxibustion, or Chinese mugwort, comes in a stick form and we light the end of it and warm up your abdomen since there is a cold energy left in there after baby has left.

Massage: I bring in a licensed massage therapist for this piece since I am not a massage therapist. This will be a one hour postpartum massage.

Tucking in and blessings: I use rebozos (the scarf like object that the traditional Mexican midwives use for childbirth) along your whole body to tuck you in or close your bones. If you are a religious person, we can come up with an appropriate blessing for you for this part.

Belly binding: This is the final stage of the ceremony. This will be the traditional Malaysian belly binding that I will do for you. This is great for helping your organs back into place after the baby is out. It is also great for you posture as it keeps your back straight and can be very helpful with breastfeeding, since most of us tend to hunch over our babies when breastfeeding.

This is a real treat for new parents. All of my clients who have hired me for this service have been very pleased!

That’s the postpartum sealing ceremony in a nutshell! Please feel to reach out with any questions, or if you need further information. This service can be scheduled right on my website.

A happy and healthy postpartum period to you all!

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