Bengkung Belly Binding

Bengkung belly binding is a traditional Malaysian form of wrapping that provides gently yet firm support for the womb, spine, and abdominal muscles after birth. Binding helps you regain your pre-pregnancy shape faster, and speeds the healing process by gently assisting your muscles and organs back into place while aiding the elimination of uterine discharge. Belly binding also helps you maintain proper posture while breastfeeding and baby wearing, warding off potential backaches. A must for postpartum recovery and wellness!

COST: $100 includes wrap and one binding service, or $50 if you want to borrow a wrap and get the service

Postpartum Sealing Ceremony

What is a postpartum sealing ceremony?
Also called “closing the bones”, a postpartum sealing ceremony is a beautiful way to mark the transition into parenthood. In fact, this is considered essential postpartum care in many cultures. Birth is a process of opening to allow new life to enter the world. The shift from pregnancy to postpartum is sudden and dramatic, without a moment of pause to catch your breath and integrate this transformative experience. It’s no wonder that many new birthing parents find themselves feeling raw and vulnerable. A postpartum sealing ceremony provides closure to the intense openness of the birth experience, on a physical, psychological, and spiritual level. It can take place anytime during the first 40 days after birth.

COST: $400 includes a ceremonial bath, moxibustion, a one hour massage by a licensed massage therapist, tucking in and blessings, and belly binding.

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Belly Binding and Postpartum Sealing Ceremony

“There is a phase in labor, appropriately called transition, where a woman will meet her breaking point. She’ll feel as though she just can’t go on, and she is right. The maiden in her is not strong enough for the task at hand. It’s during this Time the maiden dies so that the woman can be reborn as a mother, with her child. A new, more capable version of herself with far more strength than she has ever known. From maiden to mother.”
– Carley Mendes

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